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Donations to Quincy Valley Allied Arts are welcome from any individual, organization, business or corporation.


We have really grown since our first meeting in October of 1999.... We started out with a bang in the Spring of 2000 with our production of “Oklahoma!”, and we’ve been going strong ever since.

In addition to our annual spring productions, we have added Children’s Theatre, Summer Theatre, and a community Christmas Concert as well as providing numerous scholarships to Quincy high school graduates majoring in the arts.


QVAA’s operating expenses, such as insurance, spotlights, sound and equipment maintenance, are paid for by our patrons’ memberships, grants and donations. Actual production costs, like royalties, scripts, costumes & make-up are paid from the box office sales. Cost of production varies from show to show but an average musical production costs in the neighborhood of $3,000 just for royalties and scripts.


Quincy Valley Allied Arts exists because of your support, both physically and financially. Thank you for supporting the Arts in our community.


Amy Adams

Josh & Becky Buys

Larry Clark

Laura E. Hoyt, DVM

Reed Hyer Family

Jean Lindberg

Terry & Linzi Michel

Holly Petersen

Arlen & Dianne Solders

Marlene Stone

Washington Trust Bank

Corporate Sponsors

Central Bean Co.

Kooy's Irrigation, INC

Martin Morris Agency

Ovenell Farms

Overcast Law Offices, PS

Paul & Jane Slager

2016 / 2017 Donations

Clifton Larsen Allen

Kooy's Irrigation

Martin Morris



Phil & Pam Anderson

Shirley Bergerud

Harvey & Judy Bryant

Jim & Marilyn Cobia

Jenny Hayes

Howard & Marilyn Hyer

Greg Klingel

Larry & Bonnie Kniveton

Clinton & Lorraine Kooy

Wes & Karen Kooy

Evan Landin

Dean & Gloria Ottley

Gary & Mandy Ottley

Quincy Hardware & Lumber

Royston Farms, INC

Carl Yeates

Lifetime Members

Clifton Larson Allen

Dan Nielson

Lorraine Miller

Randy Brooks


Patric & Nancy Connelly

Shirley Dreher

Robert Duda

Elaine Elshoff

Jick & Helen Fancher

Lorin C & Gail Grigg

Keith & Sherri Kooy

James & Marylou Krautscheid

Dave & Allyson Lemon

Jackie Ovenell

James & Sandra Poldervart

Quincy Mini Storage

John & Marie Rylaarsdam

Louie & Joan Schuler

David & Chanin Street

Eric & Marcia Streich

Ann Trantow

Dave & Harriette Weber

2016 / 2017 Grants

All State Insurance

Columbia Basin Foundation


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